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Smart Thermometer Bluetooth

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With its real-time measurement system, warnings, temperature chart and everything else... there is nothing to fear anymore.

  • Intended for use in babies, from 3 months, and children up to 4 years of age.
  • So light that he will not know he has it on.
  • Manufactured with anti-bacteria materials.
  • Optimized for the recording of body temperature.
  • Accuracy in the measurement tested +-0.1 ºC.
  • Possibility to visualize the readings in different units of measure ºC / ºF.
  • Approximate range 18m, without obstacles.
  • Designed with low power technology to increase the life of your battery. More than 1000 hours of autonomy.
  • CR2032 DC3V battery (210mAh) included.